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                              The trainees of the backbone training course of fuel intelligent technology of national energy group visited the company

                              Release time:2018-08-28 09:14:00  Browse times:1897


                              Visit fuel collection and processing equipment

                              Listen to the introduction of fuel control system

                                Visit smart control center

                              On August 24, nearly 100 participants from the backbone training course of fuel intelligent operation and maintenance technology of national energy group visited the company for exchange, accompanied by the general manager of the company and relevant principals of fuel intelligent business department and marketing center.
                              The site visit was divided into several exhibition areas, which respectively displayed the coal-fired automatic sample preparation system, barrel packaging and identification device, coal sample screening device, coal sample automatic cleaning device, multi-functional homogenizer and other equipment independently developed by the company, as well as the fuel intelligent management and control system and the company's intelligent management and control center. The visitors had in-depth exchanges with our technicians on the company's products, equipment and technology. As a leading enterprise in the construction of intelligent fuel, the company has rich experience in business consulting, electromechanical design, fuel management and other fields. The self-developed fuel intelligent control system, intelligent laboratory management system, intelligent fuel visual management system and automatic sample preparation system have won a number of patents. At present, the company's fuel intelligent management solution has been applied in many power generation enterprises, contributing to the improvement of fuel production management level of thermal power enterprises. (Cheng Jiahui / Wen Shilin, Liu Shuzhen / photo)

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